‘Serious Business’: Mao Survivor Sounds Alarm on Hillary ‘Deprogramming’

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Guest by post by Bob Unruh 

‘This is how the enemies of the state should be dealt with’

A survivor of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution,” those events now known for the deaths of millions in the “Red August” massacre, the Guangxi Massacre, the Inner Mongolia incident, the Guangdong Massacre, the Yunnan Massacres and the Hunan Massacres, is warning Americans to listen closely to Hillary Clinton’s advocacy for the “formal deprogramming” of conservatives, aka the “MAGA cult.”

It’s because she’s seen this scenario before. In China. Carried out by Communists. Resulting in millions of deaths.

It is Xi Van Fleet, who calls herself “Chinese by birth; American by choice, survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, defender of liberty,” who has written a commentary at Fox News.

She was born in China, lived through the Cultural Revolution, and was sent to work in the countryside at the age of 16. After Mao’s death she attended college, studied English and moved to the U.S. In 2021, she delivered a school board speech in Loudoun County, Virginia against Critical Race Theory that went viral and ignited national conservative media attention.

She now devotes her time and energies full time to warning about the parallels between Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China and what’s unfolding in America today.

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