Awkward moment iShowSpeed confronted by Man City fans and forced to shut down stream during Real Madrid clash


ISHOWSPEED was caught in an awkward moment as Manchester City fans confronted him.

The YouTube star was at the Etihad Stadium for the Champions League quarter-final clash against Real Madrid.

xIShowSpeed celebrated Rodrygo’s goal against Manchester City[/caption]

xHe was told to sit down by home fans[/caption]

xHe was then told to turn off his livestream[/caption]

There was plenty of tension ahead of the match following the 3-3 draw between the teams in the first leg last week.

The visitors stole the initiative in the first half as Rodrygo drew first blood on the night.

However, after the Brazilian’s goal, there was a problem in his stand with IShowSpeed.

Despite being sat amongst the home fans, the social media star, real name Darren Watkins Jr, was filmed cheering on the goal and shouting: “Lets go, lets go!”

He was then told to sit down by a fan which left him confused.

Speed replied: “Sit down? But they scored, they telling me to sit down when they scored.”

A fan then told him not to cheer for Madrid and to cheer for Man City instead.

He then shouted: “Come on City, come on City.”


Seconds later, IShowSpeed was told that he could not livestream during the match.

A steward could be heard telling him that he is not allowed to live stream, much to the confusion of the American.

He explained: “I am ending it right now. Alright chat I can’t be live, I can’t show my face.

“I have to end the stream because I can’t be live; I don’t want to end the stream; what can I do?”

Fans reacted to the moment on social media.

One posted: “Imaging paying hundreds for a ticket and you end up sitting next to him…”

A second wrote: “Bro is a menace.”

A third commented: “Speedy looking for trouble.”

A fourth said: “Bro need to be chained up.”

Another added: “He setting himself up for being in the opposition stand.”

IShowSpeed has become a massive football fan in recent years and even played in a charity match alongside the likes of Kaka and Didier Drogba in February.