Inside Jack Fincham’s stunning THREE STONE body transformation as Love Island star reveals healthy boxing diet


JACK FINCHAM has shed a stunning THREE STONE after ditching junk food for a healthy boxing diet.

The 2018 Love Island winner returns to the ring on Friday in Dubai against trader and martial artist Ahmed Mousa at Crypto Fight Night.

@cryptofightweekJack Fincham has lost a stunning three stone ahead of his boxing return[/caption]

@cryptofightweekFincham returns to the boxing ring in Dubai[/caption]

The Love Islander ditched junk food for a healthy boxing diet

Fincham has whipped himself into sensational shape for the bout with the help of nutritionist David Stache.

He told SunSport: “My Uber Eats account, I must’ve spent all my money on it!

“I was eating anything and everything, even when I wasn’t hungry just eating out of boredom sometimes.

“Obviously working and being around mates that don’t eat how I eat now.

“My nutritionist now is David Stache and he’s worked with 20+ world champions so you ain’t getting better than that.”

The pair met through Anthony Joshua’s coach Ben Davison – who Fincham trained with in the past.

And Stache has Fincham on a diet of four eggs in the morning, chicken and salmon for lunch and a steak dinner.

And when all is said and done the reality TV star is looking at the equivalent of a three stone weight loss.


Fincham said: “I would’ve lost nearly 20kilos.

“It’s hard work, hard work and applying yourself and dedication and consistency. No like, ‘Oh, I could just do this today.’

“It’s hard work and consistency, always.”

Fincham, 31, boxed as an amateur before walking away from the sport as a teenager to enjoy a party lifestyle.

But after returning for an exhibition on Floyd Mayweather’s undercard in November 2022, he is ready to give it his all in boxing.

Fincham said: “I’m 31 now, I’m in my last roll of the dice in boxing.

“So I’m giving my all this year, I’m going to fight a few times this year and probably for the next couple of years.

“I’m going to make this a massive, huge part of my life and keep it going, see how far I can take it.”

Fincham has a wishlist of opponents, including Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers and pro boxers-turned Love Island pair Tommy Fury and Idris Virgo.

He said: “I know the route I wanna go. I do wanna fight Aaron Chalmers, me and Aaron are friends.

“Idris Virgo keeps calling me out but look, I’m not ready for him yet he’s a great pro and I’d never sit here and slag him off.

“But Aaron Chalmers, I’m hoping for early next year and Tommy Fury, maybe in the next couple of years.

“And for me, I think they are very beatable.”

Joey Essex – famed for his run on The Only Way is Essex – is also teasing a boxing debut.

And despite being the nephew to esteemed British trainer Tony Sims, Fincham warned his friend of ever fighting him.

He said: “Listen, I’ve seen little bits of Joey Essex. If he ever wants to do it I’d beat him without a shadow of a doubt, hands down.

“Look, Joey’s got a boxing family but he’s never had a fight. He might have had a couple of amateurs, a couple of spars.

“But there’d be no point in fighting me. And, by the way, me and Joey are friends, I love Joey, but boxing-wise it would be a pointless fight, I’d beat him.”

Crypto Fight Night 4 takes place on 19th April at Al Habtoor City, Dubai and will be streaming live on Triller TV and Myco