B&M to open 90 new stores in big boost for high street – 12 more big names pulling shutters up on stores


B&M plans to open “not less than” 45 brand new stores across the UK over the next two years.

It comes as the discount chain reported a 10.1% increase in revenue in its 2023/24 financial year.

It comes after B&M opened 17 new or refurbished stores in January and FebruaryRex

The firm’s UK business reported sales of £4.4 billion (€5.15 billion), an 8.5% increase.

B&M has not confirmed where the new stores will be located or when they will open.

Alex Russo, chief executive of B&M, said: “The Group has performed well in the year delivering strong operational execution.

“We serve our customers through a relentless focus on everyday low prices (EDLP), great product ranges and excellence in operational standards.

“This delivers profitable, cash-generating growth for our

“The business and team are well set up for the year ahead, our pipeline remains on track to open not less than 45 UK B&M stores in each of the next two financial years.”

B&M opened 17 new or refurbished stores in January and February in the following locations:

Porthmadog – January 18

Chelmsley Wood – January 25

Stourbridge – January 25

Allestree – January 27

Washington – January 26

Wigston – January 26

Loughborough – January 27

Cathedral Lanes – February 2

Harrow – February 10

Clowne – February 17

Arnold – February 21

Guildbourne Centre, Worthing – February 21

Castle Douglas – February 22

Thamesmead – February 22

Beaumont Lays – February 23

Gunness – February 24

New Cross Gate – February 24

The discounter also opened new stores in three former Wilko sites in Stourbridge, Washington and Porthmadog, Wales.

How can I save money at B&M?

THE B&M barcode scanner app allows you to discover discounted items before the staff have even reduced them.

The scanner is located on the B&M Stores mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

Shoppers can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve got the app, click on the “scan” button at the bottom of your homepage.

This will then bring up your smartphone’s camera, which you’ll need to use to scan barcodes. 

When you’ve found a product you want to scan, simply point your smartphone camera toward its barcode.

The app will then automatically bring up the item’s price – this is when you’ll know if it is reduced or not.

Bargain hunters say some items come up as £1, 50p or even 10p through the app.

Shoppers should also keep an eye out for products with a white reduction sticker on.

This means they will have a certain amount slashed off the price shown on the label.

Shop for products at the end of the season.

What other retailers are opening new stores?

Aldi announced that it will open 35 new UK stores in weeks yesterday.

The openings form part of Aldi‘s long-term target of 1,500 stores in the UK.

The supermarket is set to invest £550million in expanding its UK footprint this year alone.

Aldi said that each new store opening will create around 40 new jobs on average.

Asda has been opening hundreds of convenience stores in recent months as it looks to rival major players Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

The parent company of BonmarchéEdinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) and Peacocks, Purepay Retail Limited, has said it wants to open 100 new high street stores over the next 18 months.

It has yet to give the exact locations where it will open the 100 stores or when they will open.

One of the UK’s favourite bakery chain, Greggs, has exclusively revealed to The Sun plans to open more outlet branches by the end of 2025.

Home Bargains, which was running just under 600 branches as of last June, has said it wants to “eventually have between 800 and 1,000 retail outlets open”.

The major discounter has stopped short of saying when it wants to reach the 1,000 store target however.

Primark is also opening new branches and investing and renovating more than a dozen of its existing shops.

Screwfix is set to open 40 new stores nationwide as its owner, Kingfisher, seeks to expand the DIY brand’s national presence.

The brand opened two new stores in March, and a further three new shops will open this month.

Tesco has revealed plans to open 70 more stores across the UK over the next year as part of major expansion plans.

WHSmith has turned its focus to the travel side of its business, with plans to open new sites in airports, railway stations and hospitals.

Lidl is also looking to open 12 new stores across the UK as it bids to raise £91million in funding from investors.